Locksmith Near Me

Looking for a locksmith near you can be one of the many tedious moments in anyone’s life. Sometimes, you may not be sure whether a local locksmith is the best idea and if the technician you will get at the end of the day will be able to deliver well. So it is, especially when you have emergencies like a house lockout.

We’re always around

SoCal Lock And Key prides itself in being a locksmith services provider that is quick and light on its feet. For the many years we have been serving this area, being available when clients need us the most is a driving force in our operations. 

You can trust us

Of course; strangers coming into your home or place of business don’t usually turn into a warm fiesta. We mean business, and that is why we are intentional about the kind of people we hire to work on your residential, commercial, industrial and automotive property. Our technicians are background-checked, verified and certified to work on your property.

In addition to all of this, we also have insurance. Each of our technicians are financially protected in their line of work. They also wear our official uniforms and come with the right means of identification. Their names are written on the breast pocket of their apparels, so it will be easy to identify and relate with them, rather than letting the presence of a seemingly unqualified handyman jitter you.

Best results

Looking for a locksmith near your Upland, CA home or business is you patronizing a local but standard lock and key service provider. Just because we are focused on the Upland area does not mean our services and operation scopes are limited to our geographical jurisdiction. We follow the best practices and use the right techniques to achieve the best results.

Having a locksmith service provider near you is a plus. Those technicians being professionals is a well-deserved bonus for any homeowner or business manager who recognizes the need to invest in excellence. Whether it is a replacement job, a lockout reversal or basically upgrading the security system of your household, SoCal Lock And Key guarantees quality results.

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Working with SoCal Lock And Key gets you everything your property needs. Apart from staying close for whenever you need our help, we delight in putting your home or business on the bandwagon of impenetrable sanctuaries.