Lock Rekey Service

To increase the level of security in your new or existing home or office, rekeying your locks when necessary cannot be overemphasized. When you need such a thing done, you can call SoCal Lock And Key. We offer on-site locks rekeying services that enable you retain your old locks but operate them with new sets of keys.

What is rekeying about?

If you are starting to have an uncomfortable feeling pertaining to someone else having access to your home or place of business, rekeying is the cheapest way to make sure access has not been compromised. Likewise, if you are not sure which hands all your spare keys have fallen in, rekeying the locks is a smart solution that rids you of all the worries and headaches.

When a locksmith is rekeying a lock, he or she is simply changing the cylinders and other components that are now the basis of the current predicament. When these parts are changed, the old keys won’t work on the lock. Only the follow-come keys will be able to open to house or office, all of which will be handed over to you once the job is completed.

Rekeying is different from lock replacement. While the latter involves installing brand new locks in the building, the former is about retaining those locks but changing the keys. The entire lock will not be switched out, just the lock mechanism.

A simple way to save

If your lock is in good working order, it is possible to get a discount when you rekey rather than fully replace. The way we see it, some customers prefer keeping their locks because they know our technicians will not drill any damages to the door while on the job. To some of our clients, rekeying locks is a better choice for the environment and much easier to execute.

Whatever is your reason for rekeying those locks, you will eventually find yourself spending a lot less than you would have had you chosen an all-out locks replacement. Nevertheless, bear in mind that it isn’t possible to render these services for all types of locks. Most of them operate differently and aren’t designed to accept new cylinders or keys.

Know your lock type

Rekeying is possible when it comes to mortice or dead locks. For some filing cabinets, electric bicycle battery cases, scooters and motorbikes, it is also a viable repair or fortification option. Usually, it isn’t possible to form new keys for Yale, Euro and Oval cylinders. If you use D, U and padlocks, it may not also be possible to simply rekey.

Please give us a call and give us details about your lock type, property and security needs so we can serve you better. We will give you a free estimate so you know the amount of work and charge that’s going to be involved. SoCal Lock And Key typically conducts an inspection before rekeying a property to determine whether or not the service can be rendered in the first place.

We look forward to working with you!