Industrial Locksmith

We offer industrial lock and key services to warehouses, factories, mills, refineries and other kinds of mega business buildings. We make sure that your security system meets all the needed requirements to withstand external pressure and internal tickling. Basically, we keep that industrial fortress forever fortified.

Restricted keyways

SoCal Lock And Key has professional services for restricted keyways. This lock system model is specifically designed to prevent any of your keys from being copied without your knowledge and permission. That is basically making it impossible for anyone to make duplicates of your key, whether or not you gave it up or misplaced it. Such industrial-type systems are more effective when it comes to protecting lives and property.

Door closers

Sometimes, employees forget to lock the doors to their offices, sometimes leaving them ajar. When a door is accidentally left closed halfway, that means it is also open halfway for it to be opened further and penetrated for dubious purposes. If your business needs a system that makes sure no door in the entire budding can be left ajar, we have got you covered. When we’re done, your doors will shut themselves courteously.

Access control

With an access control system, an industrial business manager can easily determine who gets into the building and who does not. With remote-controlled authority over the system, the company can make certain parts of their building restricted to senior execs, and not just by word of mouth. If you need a multifaceted access control system for that megastructure, SoCal Lock And Key can fix you up the pro way.

Panic exit devices

Assuming your employees need to quickly vacate the building during a fire emergency, it should be easy for them to exit the premises without bumping into each other. That is the purpose for designed panic exit devices, which basically allows facilities to initiate orderly and hitch-free exit protocols for business-based emergencies. Our industrial technicians set up these systems.

Masterkey provisions

As the one who calls the shots in the business, there is a need to have that overall control over everything that concerns the building’s physical and electronic security. To have unlimited access to every corner of your industrial facility, we can create a master key system for you. That way, you are able to closely monitor what’s yours and keep untampered records relevance to the business.

Work With Us

Whether you run a sawmill, biscuit factory, production industry or an air strip, you need to always make sure that everything in that premises is secure. For this, you need crazy sets of keys and some sophisticated security technology to make the place impenetrable.

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