House Lockout Service

If you run into the quasi misfortune of locking yourself out of your own living space, wait! Don’t give in to the urge of breaking a window or jimmying your locks just to get back inside. You will get back into your comfort zone eventually, so just relax for now.

A house lockout is one of the most common mishaps that any homeowner or tenant can experience. With the on-the-go life pretty much the new normal nowadays, it is easy to forget your keys in the dining slam that the front door shut, locked. Going back into your house is inevitable, so you need the safest and most effective way possible to do so.

Immediate assistance

A call for house lockout service is almost like the SOS or residential locksmithing. Once that distress call is out, we start to act fast to reverse the problem. As far as you reside in Upland, CA, we can get one or two residential locksmiths with an understanding of emergencies over to your place. If you unknowingly lost your keys—which also fundamentally locks you out—our technicians can fashion a new one on the spot.

To help us serve you better, SoCal Lock And Key implores clients who are in house lockout emergencies to be thorough and direct about their predicaments. We need to know what has gone wrong so we know the right guy to send and the kind of tools the staff needs to come with. If the reason you stand waiting outside for hours is a faulty lock, we need to know so our technician can come with a replacement.

Fast and effective

We might not know how long you have been shut out from your own living space. Perhaps, there are urgent matters that need to be attended to inside the building, like making sure the kids don’t panic or that your pets don’t go to town on your upholstery out of anxiety or loneliness. Because they come with the right tools and know the best practices to employ, our staff are fast and effective with resolutions.

No more clanging or thudding on your doors for hours. No more self-insufficient DIY tactics or the possibility of a worse problem. Our locksmiths, trained and experienced, can painstakingly diagnose your doors and locks to determine the best way to solve the problems they could have. 

Professional advice

In as much as it is our job to help you scale through house lockouts, it is also our responsibility to educate you on how to avoid such accidents in future. It might seem like a shot in our own foot, but that is the kind of value we want to offer our customers. Our locksmiths can provide you with useful directives on preventing this problem from repeating itself.

Get more personal by calling us on (909) 955-8056 and tell us what residential physical security emergency you have.