High Security Locks

Dear commercial and industrial clients, do you want high security locks? Even so for residential customers. Because these locks are a surefire way to improve on the security of your home or business, we install, repair and replace these models when and where needed. SoCal Lock And Key has a team of professional technicians that specialize in next-gen locks.

What are high security locks?

They are basically locks with more stubbornness. They are designed with solid materials and they come with complex keyways for extra strength. The locks’ features work to prevent unauthorized or forced entry. Generally, they are more expensive than traditional locks, but they also bring the bang for the buck by bringing you extra protection. If you have these hanging from your front door every now and then, burglars would dare not try.

SoCal Locks And Key works with the leading manufacturers in the physical and electronic security market. We are friends with some of the biggest names in the industry, from whom we source quality products and gain positive knowledge. With the quality locks from these bigwigs and our professional installation services, your property is already safer and more secure than it was 30 seconds ago.

We install, repair and replace high security locks in Uplands, CA, for all kinds of clients, but mostly the industrial ones. The people prefer their homes and businesses become much safer, so helping them achieve that is the reason our business is in existence. We can replace your old locks with new high security types from the market’s finest brands.

Patent and restriction

A good number of high security locks make use of keys that are patented or otherwise restricted. That means, you won’t be able to find any key of that nature outside the particular brand that designed it. The distribution of key blanks can be hassled, and duplicating keys like this needs a group of special equipment.

Not just any locksmith can work on a high security lock. As a matter of fact, having this department on lock is one of the many ways we differentiate ourselves from most of the competition. Generally, duplicates for this type of locks are only available through qualified locksmiths. Only upon written authorization of the owner of the property or rep will the key be duplicated and commissioned.

Get more protection

With a high security lock installation by SoCal Lock And Key, it will be extremely difficult for an unauthorized individual to obtain a duplicate of any of the keys. In fact, it is impossible. Because of this, the owner of the property can be significantly confident in the number of keys to his building that are being circulated.

If you run a mill, gym, factory or production plant, chances are you will experience break-in attempts. So why not install a lock that can never break to safeguard your work? There is absolutely nothing wrong in paying for something sophisticated when you do not yet need it. When you need it, you might pay twice over to get the same results.

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