Commercial Locksmith

Like every entrepreneur out there, we are businesspersons too. So, we understand just how much that office building or commercial facility means to you. For the sake of the business, firstly, you need to make sure the physical property is protected at all times.

While it is a welcome idea to invest in personal and company security detail, getting your locks and keys at 100 percent working capacity remains necessary. You can’t have an Arnold Schwazzeneger-level security guard at every door in your building, so having the perfect physical security system is a no-brainer.

Complete Replacements

SoCal Lock And Key is the company to call when you are in need of professional locksmith services for your business. Perhaps your brand just got a new space in town and you want to make sure only you and your business managers have access to the outlet. Just give us a call and we will come make it happen for your new piece of real estate by changing your locks and keys.

Or, maybe you have been using this one building for about half a decade and want to give it a facelift. Upgrading your locks systems and access controls is part and parcel of every renovation project because there is no room for leaving some stuff around the house from a different age. If you want to change all your keys only and retain your locks, we can also do it for you on a large scale.

Ongoing Maintenance

It isn’t hard to understand that keeping the business building in good shape is one of every business owner’s yearly considerations. Whether it is a retro barber shop or a black-owned beauty services space, we are capable of handling the constant maintenance of your locks and keys, even access control systems if you use those. We keep the systems working at peak capacity and remove risks associated with wear and breakage.

When you work with us, you get consistent updates on recent iterations to the model of physical security systems you use. Through this medium we keep you informed about the applicable enhancements and run upgrades for you as we go. Because our technicians are adept with the computation and hardware tricks needed to increase a lock system’s capacity, they can serve you anywhere and anytime.

Affordable Consultation

Just because we are some of the best hands isn’t reason enough to decide it’s okay to tear a pitfall into your bank account. We are very professional at what we do, but we also want to make our services affordable for many people. That is why our estimates are free, charges are fair and have no hidden fees we’d surprise you with midway. Only unqualified handymen have no problem going down that surprise fee road.

When we give you an estimate, feel free to compare it to that of the competition. We will wait. You will see quite clearly that we charge friendlier than the competition that we are better than. That is because we want to make an impact on every business in Upland, CA, as that is one of the things that drive the state’s economy.

We look forward to working with you!