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Are you buying a new house, upgrading your locks or replacing your special property keys any time soon? If yes, then you have done well by paying us here a visit. No need to go further or backwards because you have come to the right place.

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As far as it concerns, locks, keys, and access control systems, there is nothing too big or too small for a team of talented and experienced technicians like us to handle. SoCal Locksmith & Keys – Upland providing a full range of Locksmith, Emergency locksmith service in the Upland, CA area.

Automotive Locksmith Upland

Automotive Locksmith

It is quite easy to see why people flock to the place and quickly make a home for themselves. Whether you want to enjoy some hippy nightlife, wrap yourself up

Car Key Replacement Upland

Car Key Replacement

If you have recently lost the keys to your car, SoCal Lock And Key can help you out with a car key replacement service near you. We working with our

Car Lockout Service Upland

Car Lockout Service

Automobile lockouts are a common event that the majority of drivers experience multiple times in their automotive careers. No matter how careful or self-conscious you’re, chances of getting locked out

Commercial Locksmith

Like every entrepreneur out there, we are businesspersons too. So, we understand just how much that office building or commercial facility means to you. For the sake of the business,

Emergency Locksmith

The main purpose of calling something an emergency is to show that a solution is needed fast before things go further down south. So when you hear “emergency locksmith”, we

High Security Locks

Dear commercial and industrial clients, do you want high security locks? Even so for residential customers. Because these locks are a surefire way to improve on the security of your

House Lockout Service

If you run into the quasi misfortune of locking yourself out of your own living space, wait! Don’t give in to the urge of breaking a window or jimmying your

Industrial Locksmith

We offer industrial lock and key services to warehouses, factories, mills, refineries and other kinds of mega business buildings. We make sure that your security system meets all the needed

Lock Rekey Service

To increase the level of security in your new or existing home or office, rekeying your locks when necessary cannot be overemphasized. When you need such a thing done, you

Locks Change Service

When or why do you need a locks change service? Well, it is almost as simple as knowing it’s time to get a haircut or do a paintover on your

Locksmith Near Me

Looking for a locksmith near you can be one of the many tedious moments in anyone’s life. Sometimes, you may not be sure whether a local locksmith is the best

Residential Locksmith

A home is just about everyone’s biggest investment in life. Mostly, you want to take a rest and enjoy being in the place. One of the ways to achieve that

SoCal Lock and Key is a stellar team of innovative and experienced technicians that give unqualified locksmiths a run for not just their money, but also this standard less services they offer. We bring professionalism, caution and humane treatment into the way we work, and that is why we are one of the leading locksmith service providers in the Upland area.

Because we are licensed and insured, there is no need for you to play safe with us. Everything from our free quote to final payment confirmation is built on the premise of leaving you satisfied and having your security intact. We have been around for so long so we know what ticks for which client and the best way they can constantly maintain as well as upgrade.

Our locksmiths have worked on everything from small industrial projects to big residential jobs. Regardless of the size, category, risk or demand, we are certainly giving you a bang for buck by making your premises physically more secure than we met it. We do it so professionally, you will notice that the changes are marvelous in both efficiency and appeal. Let’s just say we have some of the best hands there are.

Local Locksmith Services in Upland, CA

Except you work with us, there is hardly a chance you will see a team of locksmiths drive in to your location, bring the right equipment, follow the standard process and apply cautions to safely execute the project. Whether it is a key replacement, locks installation or access control setup, these locksmiths can handle your job in the best way possible!

Do not get tempted by the rather cheap charges of unqualified handymen. Allowing them to come touch your locks and keys exposes you to risk, because in most cases you have no idea who you are dealing with. Rather than going through all that stress and still get a botched job or probably worse, just pay a simple, affordable fee to SoCal Lock and Key to get it done for you.

We would be happy to work with you in the nearest possible future. In the meantime, do us a favor by staying in touch so you don’t choose the wrong “us” when you need our services. Dom all you can to keep the intruders away and try to not get locked out of your house or car too often. When the time comes, the team will rub minds with you.

We’re Neighbors

Whether you are new in the Upland’s or not, we are the ones who get to tell you what’s going on in the hood. That is not just because we are your neighbor, but also because we have been around for quite a while. We understand the region’s housing patterns and security systems, as that helps us in more effective and tailored ways that help us increase client satisfaction.

Professional Locksmiths

Our first job with you might be the first or umpteenth time we are working on a project of that size; it hardly matters. What’s certain is that: our technicians are more than capable of tackling irregular challenges and come up with sustainable solutions. Rather than putting your physical security in the risky hands of quacks, work with pros who do nothing but enhance.

A Lot of Training

Just in case you thought our technicians are more or less handymen, they’re actually not. Our locksmiths are extensively trained to offer the services they render, because they are blessed with the skills and creamed with the tech to make your home or place of business a lot more secure, physically. These technicians are also on consistent practice, workshops and retreats.

Insured Company

No need to think of a heart attack or mishaps just because a SoCal Lock and Key staff is working on your property. For all we know, accidents can happen. Though we have not recorded any of such incidents in our line of work, we still see the need to keep our technicians under the financial protection of an insurance provider. That way, you stand no risk for anything.

Peace of Mind

Paying some money for new keys or locks is something that’s supposed to bring you peace of mind. Because you know you are making your home or business safer, you will want to be conscious about the kind of people you want to hand over those keys or locks to. That is why we have a transparent identification platform for every of our staff, besides their official uniforms and IDs.


A penny for your thoughts? How about a token for our services? It is not our intention to rip a hole in your bank account in the name of keeping your locks and keys alive. Unlike unrecognized service providers, we do not buy into the idea of charging high prices just in case the project needs more funding. Our services are affordable, as you don’t have to be a rich tech bro to work with us.

Why Should You Choose Us?

Locksmith Upland

The truth is that: there are many locksmith service providers in Upland, California. So why should you ignore the competition and hire us? For starters, services are professional, affordable and consistent in delivering quality results.

Our years of experience in the sector has enabled us to amass knowledge and cook techniques to cater to all sizes of security products. There is no project too small or big for SoCal Lock and Key to handle. Our team is an all-doer, primarily because our broad work spectrum includes commercial, industrial, automotive and residential services.

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Before we call it a day, let us remind you that we are available 24/7. If you have questions or requests, no matter how many, put a call through to us on (909) 955-8056. Or, you can quickly drop us an email at [email protected]. We will always be on the side of the phone to talk to you.

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